Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Season of Change for Margaret Rome in Baltimore

Fall Season of Change for Margaret Rome in Baltimore..thanks Sally for another much needed contest. That was a tiny bit sarcastic.

The Fall Season of Change is evident in Baltimore. These leaves showing the contrast in the seasons is right outside my front door!
                                               Fall Leaves
I am late to this party, just seeing the challenge today September 22nd on Karen Bernetti's post. Not much time to plan for the dead line but here are the rules:  Fall Season of Change Contest | Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group

Here is my personal  challenge:
After taking a look at my desk, well I really cannot see my desk, it is loaded with lots of stuff. lots and lots of stuff. Cannot even find my mouse pad!

So my Fall Season of Change is to tackle my desk. Just saying that makes me cringe. It would be nice to have a clear desk, be somewhat organized and have my mouse actually on a pad. Sally you said the post had to be written by the 22nd. But you did not give a dead line for completing the task. So my guess is this has to be done before winter. Correct?

Desk Top HomeRome Realty 
Here is my Fall Season of Change, Thanks to Karen and Sally.

 Fall Season of Change  for Margaret Rome in Baltimore


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