Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greedy Little Critters! When Enough is Not Enough

Greedy Little Critters!
Sometimes we encounter  Greed.....When Enough is NOT Enough

Why Advertising is For the Birds is a a subject I have written about along with the joys of feeding the birds.

In the past week, we have found the lid off the brown metal can where my bird seed supply is stored. I chose metal to keep the unwanted critters and creatures out.

At first we blamed each other for not securing the lid...so I  started putting the metal watering can on top for additional weight. We must have a large raccoon or so we though until this morning when I found this mess.

Birdseed mess HomeRome
   The watering can is on the ground, the lid is upside down and the seeds are all over the place!
Bird seed mess HomeRome

We must have a large raccoon or so we thought ...until.this morning. Thank goodness my camera was near by.
Before I had time to clean it up the mess ...look what I found..this Greedy Little Critter!

I am still wondering how this little guy, or gal, could move the watering can, remove the lid and turn it upside down. Does not seem humanly   possible.

Did you notice how the thick plastic overhang was chewed up? How did he/she get this done? I understand how the plastic was chewed but not how the can and lid were removed. Guess I have to set up special video to capture the act.

          Greedy Red Eyed Critter HomeRome Realty

                                            Greedy Little Criter HomeRome
Remember, we put two feeders with the same food, one for the birds and one for the squirrels.
2 Feeders HomeRome.com

 For this greedy little critter...enough is not enough! How can you relate this to real estate?


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