Friday, September 10, 2010

It's in the Bag! What's in Yours?

It's in the Bag! What's in Yours?In the Bag HomeRome Realty

When with clients on a listing appointment or showing properties in the Baltimore area, it seems that everything I need is in the bag.
Here are a few items that I don't leave home without.

SentriLock key SentriLock Boxs..Easy To Use...Safe and More.... a few dollars and credit cards. Notice the fancy card holder aka rubber band.

Moving on, left to right, camera charger, car keys, Accutape measure, marker, mini highlighter, pen, emergency meds, pliers, scissors, tube of lipstick, my back up Treo and hand sanitizer. Hey what are those pliers for?  What's Under the Carpet?" Is An often asked question.

Let's not forget my Lumix camera, here is the pouch, an empty one, because I  have to use  my camera to take these photos. Guess I could use my Pre to shoot a photo of the camera, but you get the idea. ( My phone is not in the bag. It is always attached at my waist!)
All these other items are  in the bag.
Camera Bag HomeRome Realty

And here is the Bag, about umpteen years old. I would replace it if I could find an exact match. Have had it refinished a couple of times. It fits me perfectly and everything I need is In The Bag! 
My Bag HomeRome RealtyIt's In The Bag! What's in your Bag?


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