Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store!

Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store!
Sprint Sign HomeRome

Recently read a post by Karen Bernetti  How Do YOU Build Client Loyalty?  that made me appreciate the customer service received this morning at a Sprint store.  I love my Palm Pre...Definitely Worth the Wait-Baltimore,Md.

This morning I was at the Sprint Store when the doors opened. Why?  Because my charger was defective. It was getting hot to the touch and I noticed it was frayed. So busy that  I waited until it was no longer working. Even wrapped it with surgical tape thinking I could get a bit more time. What else would you expect from a former RN?                                                                                                                 Frayed cord wrapped with tape HomeRome Realty

The phone made a "low battery" sound  while it was in the charger. Not a good sound anytime, but especially in the middle of the night. No way to charge unless I went to the car. NOT about to start the car at 3:00 AM but I did make a DRAFT mode post live. (It shouldn't be a total waste to be up at that time.)

Ater my early morning workout, went straight to the Sprint Store. Only had to wait half an hour until it opened at nine...but remember my phone needed charging and the car was the best place. Made some follow up calls and completely filled my already overbooked schedule for the day.

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by Desi  asking how he could help.  He showed me a new fancy wall charger but I just wanted the one I had. He disappeared for a minute and returned with the perfect replacement.

Since my battery showed only 8%, I asked it I could leave it plugged in for a few minutes while he wrote up the purchase. Desi then said, "there is no charge" (no pun intended). Why not?   His answer: "Because you are a such a nice person" Then he did one more thing. He took my phone, removed my battery and replaced it with his new fully charged battery!

I was able to walk out with exactly what I needed...a new charger and a full battery! Pre Charger HomeRome.com
Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store!
Who was this man? Aside from being a store manager, Desi is a  stand up comic.  The back of his card reads " The most wasted of all days is one without laughter"
                                           Desi Alexander HomeRome Realty 
He will be performing this Sunday at The Comedy Factory. I won't be able to make it because we have an ActiveRain Get-Together on September 19th at the Bay Cafe. There are five of us so far! It started with one comment...An Active Rain Get Together... Baltimore... Sunday September 19th

Thank you Desi. You understand customer service!
Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store!


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