Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Different Kind of Turning Around

A Different Kind of Turning Around
October in Baltimore HomeRome Realty          October in Baltimore HomeRome Realty
October in Baltimore HomeRome Realty                October in Baltimore HomeRome Realty
It was one of those magnificent Baltimore October Days, sunny, breezy, in the low 70's and a  clear blue sky. I was returning from a showing on one of my favorite listings in Carroll County  Westminster Contemporary... Live Like You are on Vacation All Year Round!

What I saw made me do a U turn and back track to a small roadside restaurant with lots of beautiful flowers outside. Realizing this was a pizza/beer joint named Stubbys in Finksburg. I started to drive away but since I had already turned around....decided to stop inside and ask about the flowers that were so pretty. Thought they might tell me where to go and purchase. The waitress  asked how many I wanted...well I wanted as many as they could spare of  this color. While I was choosing these fall beauties, she was getting plastic to line my car seats. Within a short time all this vibrant color was now on my front patio for me to enjoy from my office.
Turning Around IS an Option!  So glad I turned around! One other time I turned around but it was A Different Kind of Turning Around


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