Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is a Typical Day in the Life of A Broker!

Here is a typical day in the life of a broker...well not just any broker but a day in my real estate life. It started as usual checking and responding to numerous emails, returning calls from lenders, title companies, buyers and sellers, handling the myriad of details to set up  settlements for the coming week. And a few more calls to make or confirm appointments for the rest of the day.

An 11:30 luncheon at Bare Bones with some fellow brokers to share ideas and do some brainstorming, was a nice break in the day. So busy with our conversation, that I actually forgot to take any pictures...not even of the food. And you know that is not like me. Here are a couple of photos from a previous visit.
                       Bare Bones HomeRome Realty  Bare Bones HomeRome Realty
At 2:30 I was at my listing in The Risteau, waiting for an agent to show his out of town buyer.  I really think the buyer liked the condo and all the amenities that come with this luxury condo. Will have to wait and see if they will make an offer.

The Risteau..Concierge Service..and Outside Beauty..Baltimore County Condo 
Concierge Service in a Baltimore County Condo....The Risteau 2331 Old Court Rd 21208 -

Then a 4:00 meeting with an appraiser for one of my pending sales. This only took  about 15 minutes but an important 15 minutes. Needed  to make sure the appraiser had  recent comps and notes on the subject property.

Stopped by and picked up a signed home inspection addenda because my seller's fax and email was not working. Oops.. I now need to scan and send that to the buyer's agent.

An earlier email series from a potential  buyer, confirmed our 5:00PM showing. A quick text letting the buyer know I was on time.  So off I was to 6211 Park Heights Ave- Baltimore, MD 21215   Getting more calls and showings on this property since the sellers are offering Owner Financing.

Just checked my phone call log and there were 42 calls that I either answered,ignored, texted or responded! No need to give you so many details. And there were a few personal calls from  family.  A call from my husband who is doing the feeding of the cat while Erica is away. I visited this poor kitty, TC - The Cat, who is not doing well... is about 20 years old and here she is resting her head on the water bowl.
                                             TC not feeling well HomeRome Realty
And this typical day in the life of a broker comes to an end with a blog, maybe time to comment on a few AR posts, a few changes to the MLS for a couple of listings, checking emails and getting a much needed night's rest.

There you have it. A typical day in the life of a broker!


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