Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Successful Impromptu Open House in Baltimore!

Successful Impromptu Open House in Baltimore!

When will there be a Baltimore Open House? When would you like it open?

I decided to do it again. Last week I had an impromptu  Wednesday Night Open House..Are You Kidding Me? See You at 7:00PM 30 Stablemere Ct. 21209. You could call it a success...three showings and one accepted offer. The house is under contract!!

This past Friday, I had a significant price adjustment on my Custom Brick Rancher.. 11110 Hidden Trail Dr. Valley Heights Baltimore County 21117 4 Bedrooms-4 Baths-4 Acres!!

         11110 Hidden Trail HomeRome  11110 Hidden Trail  HomeRome Realty 11110 Hidden Trail  HomeRome Realty
Almost immediately I had a call asking questions about the house and scheduled a showing for 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Then Sunday morning another inquiry about this same home. Tried to get them to show up at 1:00PM but no such luck. They could not come until 2:30. I agreed to wait.

Since I needed to be at the house by one and would be there until at least 2:30, I decided to make it an OPEN HOUSE. I went into the MLS  (around 12 noon) and scheduled an Open House 1 to 2 pm. So what if it wasn't advertised.

Arriving minutes before the showing time, I placed my Open House Balloon signs.
                                                       Open House Balloons  HomeRome

The first group showed up right on time had a full private  tour and was about to leave when another group showed up. Thinking it was my 2nd appointment arriving early... but no is was another set of buyers who had been following the listing on the internet and wanted  to  check out the location. They were astounded by the open house sign and stopped in. Again this group had their own private tour. As they were leaving the 2:30 couple showed up and another private tour.

Now to do some follow up and see if there might be an offer for this  Successful Impromptu Open House in Baltimore!


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