Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taking Care of Each Other!

My friend Joeann Fossland has asked for  help. I am re-blogging  Taking Care of Each Other!  and asking every member on ActiveRain to do the same!
We help so many others..let us all help ourselves.
"Let's extend that care and those humanitarian efforts by closing the circle of compassion and expending some funds for fellow members of the REALTOR Family…,,join the Campaign… SIGN THE PETITION NOW,"

Via Joeann Fossland, Master Certified Coach (Advantage Solutions Group):

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. 

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Think about this....
"Coma…a medically induced coma…  Pat was in a coma… Put yourself in Pat’s Place… You are Pat.
You fall.  You are paralyzed, lying on the floor all night  until being found by your neighbor’s son who has come to walk your Labrador Retriever.
At the hospital, a coma is medically induced.  The coma continues for over a month.  It is impossible for  you to do anything…  make decisions, conduct business, pay bills and perform daily functions.  Your creditors, unfortunately, want their money even while you are in a coma and require long time recovery.
You fell in March, 2009, your paralysis, painful rehabilitation, living in assisted living and surgery continue until the writing of Pat’s Story in September, 2010….19 months….and will continue."
What would you do? Do you have the means or resources to take care of yourself if something were to happen?
Pat's friends want to create an NAR Benevolent Foundation that would relieve some of the pain and suffering of tragedies that all Pats endure. You never know when you could be a Pat.  Think about it.   
REALTORS® are compassionate, generous and caring. As a group we have donated over $20,000,000 to others through The REALTORS® Relief Foundation that was established after 9/11. The Relief Foundation is a wonderful and powerful humanitarian relief fund of which we can all be proud, but it is not designed to support the REALTOR® member.  It is designed to support persons outside of the REALTOR® family who experience disaster.  It is for outreach-for others; not in-reach for the REALTOR® family in trouble.
Your help is needed. The folks working on this need 100,000 signatures before the NAR Convention. 
Let's extend that care and those humanitarian efforts by closing the circle of compassion and expending some funds for fellow members of the REALTOR Family…who have experienced their own personal Katrina’s, 9/11’s, Haiti’s.
That is why we need an NAR Benevolent Foundation…. join the Campaign… SIGN THE PETITION NOW
Here are a few other ways to help as well:
  • Print the flyer on the site and share with others or post in your office.
  • Share on your social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • "Like" the Facebook Page ( ) and then click the share button.
  • Share with Local and State Leadership


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