Thursday, October 14, 2010

Try Something New or Someone New for a Change!

Try Something New or Someone New for a Change!

Sometimes it is good to try a new stylist. I have been going to Lucille for hair cuts for 20 years. This week when I called for an appointment, she was not available and with my busy schedule, I do not make standing appointments. Type E Scheduling..."Can You Fit Me In?"

After a busy day like yesterday Here is a Typical Day in the Life of A Broker!  it was nice to have a bit of down time.

The owner of a la Jacques was able to fit me into his busy schedule today. He wanted to leave a bit early to pick up his daughter who was visiting from college. Jacque works fast, efficient  and made the process fun. He actually made me feel like he was enjoying cutting my hair and I loved his positive attitude.
                    a la jacques HomeRome Realty
Jacque was as pleased with my new 'do as I was and when finished, took out his cell phone to take some photos. But of course I had my camera..and here are the shots we took.
                      My new haircut     HaircutMargaret Rome
So that's how a Type E functions. I had an opening in my schedule and this smart salon owner worked me right in. I appreciate the service and they know it.

Try Something New or Someone New for a Change!


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