Thursday, November 04, 2010

Killing Two Birds With One Stone in My Real Estate Day!

Killing two birds with one stone.

This morning there was a home inspection on my listing.  Yes, I go to inspections. It is one of the services that I offer to all my clients. The buyer's agent was present along with the buyer and the inspector. They did not need me tagging closely..after all it was a condo not a 10,000 square foot house.

So what do you do for 3 plus hours?

If you are fortunate enough to be signed up for a  Webinar With Bernice Ross ! you call  the phone number and access code and you listen to a presentation by a wonderful Real Estate coach. How convenient! Bernice spoke about myths and business planning success. I was fortunate to speak with Bernice, just yesterday, about this Webinar. This is a photo from 2009 when Benice spoke in Baltimore.  As a coach, she is always to willing to share her knowledge and expertise.Bernice Ross/Margaret Rome Baltimore 2009

Some of the points made..
-You cannot control time but you can control how you chose to spend your time.
-You cannot afford to NOT take time off. Bernice takes every Saturday computer, no cell phone no real estate business.
-This does  NOT have to be a 24/7 business. Plan to stay in touch on a regular schedule. Clients want to hear from you but they do not need you 24/7.
-You don't have to do everything yourself! Do what you do best..let go of the rest.
-Don't forget to take time off. Business usually picks up when you plan a vacation. You create new business when you take time off.

Another myth..
-You can't live without your cell phone. Bernice goes on to explain that every time you take a call, it can take up to 20 minutes to recover and re-focus on what you were doing when you were interrupted.

Bernice suggested some ways to find out what activities produced the most leads for you. Take an inventory of your past year's transactions. Note what activity produced the lead? Then spend more time on that activity.  To increase your income by 50-100%, you have to put your energy into what works. Just common sense but Bernice made some great suggestions.

Who are you attracting and what kinds of properties are they buying.
Know your numbers. What is your income goal for 2011?
Know how many deals you need to make your goal. It usually take 3 contacts to get to a closing. If your goal is 25 transactions, you need to make 75 connections.

That was only half of the Webinar because  I was needed by the buyers and inspector for a few questions. Pretty good to get this far into a seminar and still be present at a home inspection.

So that's how Killing two birds with one stone works in my real estate day. 2 birds Baltimore Blizzard 2009 HomeRome Realty


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