Monday, November 01, 2010

We Fell In Love With Our Home All Over Again!

We Fell In Love With Our Home All Over Again!

A few weeks ago, through a referral,  I signed up a delightful young family to list and sell their home.  Baltimore Home in the Gardenville Neighborhood 21206                                                                                   
My questions were answered with affirmation.99 and 44/100% is Not Enough…Are You 100% Sure?
They wanted to be closer to work, they had a new baby and wanted a different school system, they wanted to sell, they wanted to use me.

Paperwork was all OK'ed, listing price agreed upon, photos were taken and a list of "to do" things were compiled.

It was not going active until a bit of deferred maintenance was completed.
That did not stop me from blogging the property, making the brochures, putting it the MLS with a TOM, Temporary Off the Market, status. This was to give them sufficient time to do the repairs.

A return call checking on their progress and to find out if they had been in contact with the various contractors. They had done almost everything on the list and had just finished washing the windows. Their home sparkled and I was pleased with their progress.
 Heart HomeRome Realty

But hold on a minute!  Guess what happened? They decided NOT to sell at this time!!

fell in love with my house HomeRome Realty
We have heard of Buyer's remorse. We have heard of Seller's Remorse.
Now we have heard of Listing Remorse.
So what does one do?
You do the right thing for the client!

I withdrew the listing and  explained about the phone calls, letters and postcards that would be arriving from other agents.

What agents, they asked? The ones that work expired and withdrawn listings.

They asked how they should respond to these phone calls and I said to tell them...
Margaret Rome is our REALTOR when we are ready to sell.

But right now...
We Fell In Love With Our Home All Over Again!



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