Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take Your Shoes Off...Uh Uh...Not Going to Happen!

Take Your Shoes Off...Uh Uh...Not Going to Happen!

When  I called to make an appointment to show a client a property, the service said, "Remove your shoes, make sure  all the lights are off and the doors are locked."  No problem...of course I will turn the lights off and lock the doors.

When we got to the vacant home, neither  the walkway, the steps, or the porch had been cleared of ice and snow. As we enter, another sign stating "please remove shoes" greeted us. Please understand that the temperature was in the thirties, there was no heat in this empty house, the floors were ceramic and most of the lower level was unfinished.

Take my shoes off...uh uh not going to happen!

When HomeRome Realty  lists a property and  the carpet or hardwood floors need protecting, there is no shoe removal request for agents or buyers..not even in inclement weather.

There is a much better solution using an automatic shoe cover dispenser like the one in the photo. It looks nice in the property and it saves everyone, including the kids, the inconvenience.  It is easy and fun to use. Just step gently in the box and voila... a plastic covering is elastically wrapped around the bottom of your shoe.

                                              Shoe Covers HomeRome 410-530-2400
Take Your Shoes Off...Uh Uh...Not Going to Happen! Not at my listings.


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