Tuesday, January 04, 2011

You are who you Associate with ! ... or at least you COULD be ... so CHOOSE WISELY !!!

Reading a post by Sheldon Neal, reminded me of revisiting sold properties, taking "after" photos  and following up with the buyers. Sheldon inspired  this post  and I let him know his idea was being used but in a different way. Digital handshakes introduce us but the phone is still a great way to connect. Besides, I love his voice! Who have you called lately?

Via Sheldon Neal ~ That British Agent ~ Bergen County NJ (Bergen County, NJ - RE/MAX Real Estate Limited):

... I cant tell you how excited I get when my cellphone rings and it's one of my ActiveRain pals !

And then when they are as respected and successful as the person who called me today, well, you just feel fantastic !

This morning I got a call and had a terrific conversation with our very own Real Estate Guru Margaret Rome !

And what was nice for me, was that Margaret called to chat about a recent post I made, and how she does some similar things that I blogged about, but with a few twists ! And We shared stories and ideas that we BOTH benefited from !

Now we are both coming off extremely successful years in Real Estate, so I ask you this question...

"Do you think it is a good move to call, email, read, and associate yourself with those who are positive, pleasant, motivated, caring and successful ? "

... or would it be better to just keep going to lunch with Charlie and Sally who had very sub par years in terms of Real Estate sales, and worse, they are only too happy to complain about it, and shoot down all the things you mention to help them, like "Pop-Bys, past client communication, local marketing, and ... oh yes ... blogging !" ??

...I got off the phone with Margaret this morning and was immediately motivated !

Does that ever happen to you after you have been around someone you admire, respect, is successful, full of energy, and is generally just a positive, smiley individual ?? ...you leave them pumped up and motivated !?!?!

... Well then wouldnt it make sense to start the New Year surrounding yourself by more peeps like that, and less folks like Charlie and Sally ????

... exactly :o)

I'm going to call more of my Active Peeps this year ! ... that's one of my resolutions ! As I always leave the calls motivated, and often learn something new too !!

Cheers and good luck out there !!!!

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