Sunday, January 09, 2011

You Can Win a CD and Help Fight Amyloidosis ...Enter Gail's Contest!

My friend Gail has a Contest Going . It is my favorite kind of contest on ActiveRain. It highlights someone special, her husband, Rich Harris. And this contest  brings publicity for a much needed cause...a disease called Amyloidosis.

Over the years, I have been encouraged by Gail, her struggles and her sense of humor. I love to hear her laugh.. here is what she worries about ... AR points and I am laughing.

And another post  tells how we met. Can you believe that this sweet man with the happy smile actually yelled at us?

      Rich Harris   Rich Harris  Rich Harris

We had a lovely time this summer when we visited. It is only an Hour Ride From Baltimore to Gail's home  in Chesapeake Beach

Listening to Rich's music will make you feel good.    So do yourself a favor and enter Gail's  Contest !

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