Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Is A REBLOG... Real Estate The Rome Way

This is a REBLOG

Just a bit more than a week ago, I had a lovely surprise from  Emily Medvec , a special  ActiveRainer.    Our wonderful get together of 25 AR members for lunch was a huge success.   Even though Emily was not with us  in person...she was definitely with us in many other ways. And this morning I received a call from Emily telling me to go read this post.
Thank you Emily!!

Real Estate The Rome Way

Stop... in the name of real estate and continue reading about this extraordinary book written by one of the best and genuine Realtors I've come to know and admire for all the ways she makes a difference in our industry, community on Active Rain and certainly in her local Baltimore, Maryland real estate market.

What is hard for me to believe is that for nearly 25 years I lived in Washington DC and our paths did not cross. Of course, I was behind the camera and she was selling homes. I confess, I took the long way of finding Margaret Rome. I moved from an 1870's Victorian on Capitol Hill to live on a dirt road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I made a life style change and got into real estate unexpectedly on the advice of my late Mom. Eventually, I began my relationship with Active Rain in the class of 2009. Before, I knew it, Margaret Rome found me here. Her supportive comments and encouragement kept me writing away to find my voice again and develop my unique style of practicing real estate. She became a friend and frankly the mentor of my online brokerage experience, the one I call Active Rain. I'll never forget the day she graciously said to me in phone conversation - "don't let unimportant people or unimportant things become important" and encouraged me to "let go" of an nasty attitude and email from a peer in the industry. On that day, I got back on the path of what was important to me... and never looked back.

This story is truly about her and the gift of her book - Real Estate The Rome Way. Margaret knows real estate and she understands people. She knows we all have different talents and potential, unique perspectives and at times, unusual ways of doing things. She knows the pitfalls we fall into and the mountains we climb every day in this new landscape of real estate. She speaks from the heart and tells it like it is with insights and advice for the newbie and top producer in our industry. Without giving away her wisdom, I can only encourage you to get this book today. Margaret Rome walks her talk and her book can help you do the same. Margaret, "thank you"!

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