Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stefan's Top Eight Serengeti Posts! Congratulations!

There must be hundreds of posts written for the  Serengeti Challenge  here on ActiveRain. I think I have read most of them.

Even I wrote a couple...Serengeti..The Rome Way and  Serengeti at the Baltimore ACC Show

Tonight Stefan announced his favorite eight bloggers, the ones that really made him feel like they understood his book. This is the comment I made on his post...

Stefan, You did an outstanding job picking 8 reviews out of the multitude. Everyone really has enjoyed the book and the discussions that have followed. Everyone is talking about "their" animal. Thank you for the challenge and for bringing so many people together with a well written book. Congratulations on Amazon's top 100 books. Here's to making it and keeping it the number one best seller!

                                               Surviving Your Serengeti

Please take time to go read Stefan's post....and them go congratulate the winners.

Surviving Your Serengeti: Published to National Acclaim

And the EIGHT WINNERS are:

I AM Surviving My Serengeti, Because I Have What It Takes” by William James Walton of Connecticut

Truly a refreshing new perspective on how to see the challenging times” says Emily Medvec of New Mexico

I am intrigued after reading the book's first two chapters” says Liz Lockhart of Missouri

I did what I had to do to survive” says Chris Ann Cleland, of Virginia

Pure enjoyment” says Craig Rutman of North Carolina

How does having giraffe qualities help me in my real estate business” according to Leilani Souza of California

A better adventure, into the Serengeti of my Life” says Barb Van Stensel of Illinois

A best seller is about to hit the market” says Lee & Pamela St. Peter of North Carolina

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