Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Can't Tell a Book By Its Cover!

You Can't Tell a Book By Its Cover!

Yesterday , I took a ride to Hyattsville, Maryland about an hour away from Baltimore and had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Stefan Swanepoel. He is  energetic, brilliant, entertaining, adorable and has a wealth of real estate knowledge to share. I took a lot of notes and a lot of photos. Even though this one is not quite in focus, it is my favorite.

That is Stefan and me... each holding our own book.  Just a small is my first and only book and his twentieth book. The hours flew by, the audience was mesmerized and if you ever get the opportunity to hear Stefan in person..please do yourself a favor and attend. I wish I had a recording of his dynamic presentation.

                            Stefan and Me

It was really exciting walking into the room, walking right up to Stefan like we were old friends (he didn't know me from Adam) but within moments we were talking about AR, the contest. I gave him a copy of the these three posts  and of course a signed copy of my book.

At a later time, I may summarize my notes and photos but for this evening, this one blurred picture above will have to do!

You Can't Tell a Book By Its Cover!

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