Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This Kitty Needs a Name and a Home!

This sweet little kitty needs a name and a home.  This little pussy cat was abandoned by his mom because he has a cold. He's already better after being seen and  treated by the Vet for a day. He is six weeks old and will be ready for adoption in a couple of months. Susan Lopez who is with Cat Haven Cats is trying to get the mom cat to accept him again and raise him with his siblings.  For more information on the little no name kitty...please contact Susan  CatHaven@cox.net

                                           This is not Phoebe..HomeRome 410-530-2400
Today when we went to visit  Phoebe , this is the kitty we saw first.  He could fit in a teacup and was a sweetheart. Soon he will have a name and a home. Do you know anyone who would like to adopt this furry little feline?

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