Monday, May 02, 2011

Not High Tech..But Effective...Making a Decision the Rome Way!

Not High Tech..But Effective...Making a Decision the Rome Way!

Sometimes I work with the mature population and the decision to sell is a huge one. It has to be done in stages. First the question ...Where will the seller go?

There are choices to be made...assisted living, a retirement community, a move closer to children, a nearby condo, or even into the children's home.

Today I was with a lovely person, a friend of one of my favorite sellers who moved last year.  We were just there to chat and get to know each paper work at this time. Her children are all out of town in different states and the daughter wants Mom nearby. How  does one make the  decision whether to stay in Baltimore or move to NJ?

I took out a piece of paper and wrote Baltimore and NJ at the top.  Then a plus sign and minus sign under both.

And we started a conversation. What are the advantages of staying in Baltimore or moving to NJ?

There were several reasons to stay....friends, love of my home, community involvement and the comfort of being in my beloved home.  Then we talked about advantages of moving to NJ and there were several advantages. Among them ... being close to family, getting involved in the  new community, getting to decorate  a new home with all  her beautiful collections. In her next life she wants to be an interior decorator. I told she didn't have to wait...her home is stunning!

                                                   Plus...Minus   HomeRome 410-530-2400
When and if the decision is made to move.. I will have the pleasure of  representing this very special first floor steps and every inch is filled with exciting arts and crafts and loaded with eye candy.

I had to leave before we got to the negatives. Funny, I was only going to stop by for a few minutes at noon to introduce myself and the next thing I know ...almost late for my two o'clock showing appointment.

Not High Tech..But Effective...Making a Decision the Rome Way!

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