Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wordsmith Needs Help!

Wordsmith Needs Help!

Very recently we received a group message from CTann Starr asking us to take a look at ActiveRain member...Maya needs our help. You might want to read her post and good ideas so far.

This was my  comment:
'Maya, I just left you a message..... I have some ideas to help. Consider  joining more groups such as Club Chaos.   I would like to see a follow up of this post and how all the ideas have helped you. So far you have over 40 comments!  Congratulations on your 100th blog! That is quite and accomplishment.Hmm..I have an idea for a blog and will be back later.

Then I headed to my bag of tricks letters. Whenever I need graphics or pictures for a post and it is not in my own camera... I make up words, photograph them and use them like this.
Wordsmith Needs Help!


Maya says in one of her comment responses...."Problem is I am a wordsmith and it rarely even occurs to me to put a picture in." One of her questions, " I know I don’t use enough pictures – any suggestions on where I might find them? This is an open request for all who can help to please do so – I really need it."

I love how our community comes together to offer suggestions to other ActiveRainers.

So Maya, self described wordsmith, do you think this might be something to give your blogs more interest?  

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