Saturday, July 16, 2011

It is Like Having Your Own Electronic Agent!

I remember about a hundred years ago...(well maybe I exaggerate a bit) when looking for our home, a call to an agent got me bombarded with questions. I just wanted to know the price or number of bedrooms and instead... I got interrogated.

'How much do you does your husband make? What's your credit score? What's your phone number? Where do you live? What's your social security number? What's the name of your first born?'

This information was then used to call me at dinner time for harassment...get the picture?

After awhile, I would make up a name and transpose my phone number. Of course, that was long before caller ID. Today phone numbers can be blocked but I do answer those Calls.

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When I started real estate back in 1991, I did not follow the teachings of my instructors. I actually gave the callers the information they wanted! Then  would say...''I am not going to ask your name or number and you are free to ask me anything about any property.''

It was not unusual for the potential client to say they would like to work with me just because of this practice.

Just recently I was asked...if  my IDX site required one to sign in to see the active listings?

This was my answer: "I have always felt it was my pleasure (if not my duty) to give information. You do not have to sign up to see all the listings on my IDX site. I encourage buyers and sellers to use this feature. Sellers can keep an eye on their own neighborhood, watch the activity and call when they are ready to list.

The few buyers that I choose to work with, will search until they find a property that meets their needs, drive the neighborhood and view the house from the outside. I,then, research the property including tax records, listing history, etc. Then we go out to buy..not just window shopping. I use IDX as my digital assistant. But for the is Like Having Your Own Electronic Agent!

I have an email signature that reads ''If you make me a wish list   of what you consider your perfect home, I will be on the look out. In the meantime, you can find every active listing in the Multiple Listing System (MLS) by going to  All Active Maryland Listings. Start by putting in the state and city. You can then search your specific criteria such as type of home, condo or townhouse, your desired location and price range. You can narrow the search down to number of bedrooms, lot size, price range, zip code etc. Be sure to sign up with your your email address to ensure daily email updates of properties. These emails will include photos, address and price of Baltimore homes. This is a free service to help make finding your special Baltimore home easier. I am available to answer any questions or concerns."

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