Sunday, July 17, 2011

There Are No Emergencies in Real Estate.

This post was inspired by Patricia Kennedy's Hey! Nobody Died on the Operating Table!

As a former Registered Nurse, I really do understand what an emergency is. In the beginning of my real estate career, I received a '911'  on my pager. Immediately I returned the call. It was an agent wanting to show one of my listings. When? The following Thursday.

"Why would anyone  use a '911' for an appointment?"  Her response.. "I wanted to make sure you got the message."  That was the last time I used my pager. I stated then and still today...

 There are no emergencies in real estate!

 There are no emergencies..HomeRome 410-530-2400
However, we have seen hysteria over so many situations including but not limited to....termites,  elevated radon levels, a failed septic system, FRT plywood, a Federal Pacific Electric panel, a missed appointment, a late appointment, a house left unlocked, lost keys,  lights left on, an unflushed toilet, a missed phone message, a lost key, a security system set off, as well as simple misunderstandings.

We have seen breakdowns over delayed closings, failure to get a mortgage, dry settlements, discrepancies on the HUD 1 and I could go on with many other examples...but I think you get the picture.

Are they true emergencies? Are they life and death situations?  Of course not!
But they can seem that way to a buyer or seller under tremendous pressure. If you are going to be successful handling these situations you need to understand the dynamics. 

I am convinced that much of this "hysteria" is caused by the stress of moving  and the high stress of selling a house!

How we, as professionals, handle this stress has to do with our own level of tolerance. If we are not bringing our 'A'  game to each and every situation... this stress/hysteria/emergency can escalate, damage relationships, delay, interfere, and jeopardize transactions.

In this business I Don't Do Upset! because..
There Are No Emergencies in Real Estate!



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