Thursday, August 04, 2011

Chocolates and Flowers are Not Always the Best Gift!

Chocolates and Flowers are Not Always the Best Gift!

Sometimes very simple tasks in our daily lives are difficult. Here are a few strange looking items that help give a bit of independence to those who are having some medical issues.

I appreciate everyone playing along with my last post...  Can You Name That Gadget #1 #2 and #3  You might want to take a look at some of the guesses. Thanks to all who played!

                                   Gadgets 1,2,3
As a former RN, I have given each one of them a very technical name. Are you ready?

  Or do you want to continue guessing?

Number One is is a "sock put-er on-er". It allows someone with limited mobility to fold a sock or stocking around the stiff bib looking area, slip a foot in and then pull the stocking up with the straps.

Number Two  is a leg-lifter-upper and is a huge help getting into a car when there is a challenge lifting one's lower extremity. The foot is placed into the stiff opening and the leg can them be lifted by holding the strap at top.

Number Three as many of you already knew is a "picker upper". Comes in handy for so many things. Allows a person the mobility of not having to bend over to retrieve dropped objects.

These items would make great gifts...even better than candy or chocolate. Think about your clients, some with disabilities, some with recent surgery or illness. a broken bone or hip replacement.

Who might need one or all of these items? A family member, a client, a friend.  You will make a difference in the  quality of their life.

We could all use number 3. It may save you from getting up to retrieve the remote control..or even your dropped cell phone.

Chocolates and Flowers are Not Always the Best Gift!

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