Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who Am I Meeting Tomorrow? The Appraiser of course!

Who Am I Meeting Tomorrow?  The Appraiser of course!

But why would you meet the appraiser? Don't you have a lockbox on that vacant property?

                                                                  MEETING THE APPRAISER

When on a listing presentation, it is important for the seller to understand this point.

In order to get the property sold...the house has to sell, not once but, three or four times.  I go on to explain.

The first sale is to other agent so they bring their buyers. The second sale is to the buyers. The third is to the appraiser. And occasionally a fourth when it has to be sold to the underwriter. This discussion also reinforces the value of working with a professional Realtor®

Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting the appraiser along with a package containing the contract, the full listing, my brochure and a list of comparable homes.  Since most of my listings are not usually  cloneonials...there is always a special feature or two!

I make notes on the comps, with number of bedrooms and baths, with the sales price, with date of closing and  any details that help to compare the subject property.  There may be homes whose prices need support by using tax records that may have sold without an agent.

Recently heard an agent get very angry when their property came up short at appraisal time. They went to their manager, they yelled at the lender, they called the appraiser and told everyone in listening range how wrong  the price was.  When asked if they pulled comps and met the appraiser...their response: 'Why should I do their work?'   Gee.. I don't think that is the right attitude to get the job done.

We are all in this together. We work together to get to the closing table, That means everyone... buyers, sellers, agents, inspectors, lenders, title companies and, yes, appraisers.

Who am I meeting tomorrow? The appraiser of course!



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