Monday, September 19, 2011

Asking for Advice..Receiving Advice..Taking Advice..A Follow Up.

Asking for Advice..Receiving Advice..Taking Advice..A Follow Up.

             Ask and You Will Receive

A few months ago Kathleen posted on ActiveRain asking for advice on moving her real estate business.   She was getting married and wanted to incorporate her new name.

I called Kathleen and made the following suggestions:

 ''How about doing a series of blogs..  Getting married in month, Getting married in 3 weeks etc..Moving in a month, Moving in a week.  I think people can relate to you as they think of buying and selling. The post can go to your friends, family, catering, wedding planners, movers..etc.  Also highlight your new company and the people you find helpful.  Why wait..tell them you are coming!  Everyone in business will be helped and it will be coming from you! Your introduction will not be will be established! ''

I followed my comment and phone call with a post Giving and Taking Advice on ActiveRain...the HomeRome Way! 

  Look how well Kathleen has done with her move and making new connections. Take time to read Kathleen's post today... The Power of Active Rainers.  She has met new neighbors and will be be getting some free publicity.

Not only was advice asked for, it was received and taken!

As Kathleen says.." I've only been here for 6 weeks, so YES, I think this plan is working just fine. And all it took was for one Active Rainer to read my post and make a suggestion. That's the power of Active Rain! ''

To Kathleen, I say:

So proud of you! What a great outcome! In a short time you have met neighbors at a party, gotten referrals, met a publicity person for coffee, offered to help and are getting a feature in his publication. I am so glad you did not wait. You let them know you were coming! 

Congratulations on your marriage and your new home.  We all wish you much continued success!

If you are wondering what to write about... read, read, read and comment even more! Don't forget to ask..


Asking for Advice..Receiving Advice..Taking Advice..A Follow Up.



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