Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Poem By Kyle Rome....

This poem was written by our grandson Kyle when he was 11 years old. Need I say more?


September 11, 2001                                           

A normal day of school was starting out fine,

Looking at the clock, it was almost nine.

Homework is passed out while we wait for a bell to ring,

Only the teacher’s cell starts to sound a ding.

After ending the call and looking at us for a sec’,

The teacher switches on the TV and looks for a channel to select.

If I told you what I saw you’d think me as a liar,

But there was the World Trade Center spitting smoke and fire.

As the period ended students rushed to class,

It was hard to find your way through the huge student mass

The tower was slowly starting to fall,

The whole school seemed glued to the TV in awe.

With the reporter going crazy the second tower sprouted a huge ball of flame,

Hijacking terrorists were the only ones to blame.

Then down came the second tower, proudly standing,

Until it hit bottom, spreading debris flying in its landing.



Many families had suffered terrible losses,

All the way from brave firefighters and police to bosses,

But America still stood tall,

Could not and would not fall.

The people who died on that horrible day,

In our memories, they will always stay.   

                         Kyle Rome 2001, age 11

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