Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Airplane is Now Sold!

Our Airplane is Now Sold!

Our Plane HomeRome Realty

 Our Airplane is now Sold and I sure hope the new owners get as much enjoyment, fun and good memories as we did over the years.

Most of you know we love to fly and I have written a few posts on ActiveRain about this.

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 The first time my husband and I were able to fly from Baltimore to Atlantic City to get a contract signed ...and signed on the wing of our airplane was a delightful experience and a real WOW for my seller.

They were at their vacation home and I wanted to expedite the sale. I made a call requesting they meet us at the Atlantic City Airport.  We were able to make this trip in 40 minutes, instead of the usual 3 hour drive... and it was a lot of fun. We even had time to take the clients for lunch.
                                     Contract Signing HomeRome Realty

"The signing that was most fun had to be on the wing of our airplane. My sellers were at their summer home in Atlantic City, NJ, and I had listed their unique contemporary home in Baltimore. I wasn't their first agent, so when we got the contract I was determined to get it to them right away. After calling and telling them to meet me at the Atlantic City airport, my husband and I flew down to the shore. I'd expected them to be excited and waiting out front for us. We walked into the airport office and found them just sitting there; they didn't think I would actually be there. After that, where else but the wing of our plane could we sign that contract?"
 We loved our flying machine? 
Our Plane HomeRome Realty
Here is a little about our plane.

It is a 1977 E55 Twin Engine, 6 seater, well equipped Beechcraft Baron with low time airframe hours (3475) with 325 LH and RH SFRM including props. Enjoy the new Cadiz paint and new interior plus new fuel cells.  This Baron has a heated windshield, hot props and has always been kept in a hanger. I have a list of features including all the navigation, transponder, GPS, Stormscope, Radar, Auto Pilot, backup electric horizon etc...just call or email if you are interested. This very fast E model with 166 gallons will take you where you want or need to go!
Our Airplane is now SOLD



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