Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cool iPad Tool and Fun For All Ages!

Cool iPad App and Fun For All Ages!

No matter how many electronic devices ...I always need a piece of paper to jot a quick number down. Thinking there must be a way to do that with my new iPad, after all there is an App for everything. Here's what I found... an App  called "Zoodle Pad." It even has a cool sounding name and  it is free..I know you all like that four letter word.

 Have fun and enjoy..


 Zoodle Pad App

                                                   zoodle pad on MRome's iPad

I just wrote my phone number with my finger on the iPad screen. It really works and you can change colors and sizes and you can make the colors "run" all over the screen.

                                 writing on  MRome's iPad

I really think it is a coloring tool for kids. But aren't we all kids?

You can always be creative with your doodle down time and have fun. But for me... I need to write that phone number, quick address or agent's name who wants to show my property.


Let me know what you think.

Cool iPad App and Fun For All Ages!

PS: It works on the iPhone.

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