Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nice way to do business.

A Nice Way To Do Business.

While showing one of my clients a property, I found out it was going to auction. Right away I contacted the auction company and registered these buyers.

At the same time the buyers signed into the auction company, registered for  online bidding and also confirmed that I  was their  buyer representative. They started the bidding and within a few hours  found out they were  the winning bidders...and are now under contract.

Extra time  was found by using DocuSign for the first time last night. (How convenient that one of the contest  deadines is today.)


Everything was signed via DocuSign...the registration, the bidding, the contract, the EMD and the wiring instuctions.  The auction company sent the contract  for my signatures and initials acting as the buyer's agent. Once again the use of DocuSign was utilized.

Since this property had been a foreclosure ...I suggested (and received permission) that the contract be reviewed by counsel. Within  minutes a "swoooch" of the forward button, it was sent to the attorney for review.

It is a done deal! A ratified contract! And  settlement is scheduled for less than 30 days. 

Using this technology , at least three hours were saved on this one transaction. There was no scanning, no copying, no highlighting, no picking up escrow check, no  trip to the drive through bank to deposit the EMD,  no faxing, no forwarding and no printing. Clean and simple.

Nice way to do business.

What was done with those three saved hours? Glad you asked.

We went to a lecture this morning (had nothing to do with real estate) and enjoyed a nice lunch out with TLH.

Thankful I was still able to finalize a transaction. Thankful I was still able to enjoy the day with my husband. And thankful I still had time to write this post before midnight.

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