Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our Job is to Get Signatures!

Our Job is to Get Signatures!

                              Getting signatures

Terri Camp's post ..I Worked So Much, I Went Broke  is something everyone needs to read.

I have seen agents "focus" so much on one thing like FaceBook, Twitter, flyers, emails or other  various 'busy' activities, they forget what's important.

The goal is to get signatures! 

Signatures on listings, signatures on buyer agency, signatures on offers, signatures negotiating, signatures on home inspections and signatures on the documents at the closing table.

Whenever I am not going after a signature by way of a listing appointment, showing homes,  holding an Open House Party , going on inspections, appraisals, taking seminars,  spending personal time with family and friends...then I can usually be found in the world of blogging.

We have seen people doing so much...working so hard ... keeping so busy... they forget to get face to face with buyers, sellers and other agents. That's where the signatures come from.

Does everyone understand? Our job is to get signatures!



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