Tuesday, July 03, 2012

 Buy a Fifth  On The Third For The Fourth!

The 3rd of July is the only day that I can  say   Buy a Fifth On The Third For The Fourth.  

This was a saying my mom used and always got smiles. I like remembering those smiles. 

Numbers like 1-2-3 have been used in my posts along with my favorite number 944, when I reached  1,000,000 points and today makes 16,105 days we have been married. 

Since meeting my friend Marti Garaughty  (The Art of Marketing You) I am more aware of marketing with a bit of holiday spirit thrown in.

Wouldn't this be an ideal day to own a liquor store, and put up a huge banner  that read:  




My mom used to say   Buy a Fifth On The Third For The Fourth  and today I smiled when remembering this silly saying.

Whatever your favorite numbers...make it a great Fourth of July! 

July 4 Eagle
Bucket of numbers



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