Monday, July 09, 2012

Kick Ass Shoes

Kick Ass Shoes

Whenever speaking to a group or giving a presentation, I always wore kick ass shoes. Each outfit had a special pair. They were high heels and they made me feel good, powerful, in charge and confident.

                         Kick Ass Shoes

But when I shredded the tendon in my ankle (I ran a race that should have been walked) the  reconstructive surgery put a halt to those shoes. 

Did that mean no more speaking? Did that mean despair with the loss of wearing my Kick Ass shoes?

It could have but I would not allow it.

The feeling came from within! Not from the way I looked, not from the way I dressed but the way I felt.

I could still have that powerful 'in charge' confident attitude. I could 'feel' those shoes.  How liberating knowing it was me.

Hold your head high, share your knowledge, help others! You, too, can feel those Kick Ass shoes!

These will be the Kick Ass Shoes I will be wearing in a few short months.

                                           Running shoes

Will you join us at 9:29 on 9/29. Hold that date. Details to follow!

  What are Your Kick Ass Shoes?

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