Monday, August 06, 2012

A Listing From The Air

A Listing From The Air

A post by  Jeanne and Ralph reminded me of how I got a listing.

On a flight returning from a real estate convention, I was working on my weekly ads. My seat mate noticed what I was doing and started talking about houses. Of course I had to find out where he lived. I actually knew his house...a very large contemporary home located in an area of smaller "cookie cutter" homes. It was also within my neighborhood.

Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

I commented on the unique advertising he would need should he decide to sell this property. He asked for examples.  Within a few days, he called asking me to come list his beautiful home. Wow, I did not realize that  I  was interviewed on the plane.

This listing I refer to as an FTA. A Listing From The Air!



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