Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Have The Buyer.. Do You Have The Home?

Recently received a call on one of my listings but the sign reads  TOO LATE .

This house seemed to have everything for this buyer..except it was no longer available. They asked to keep them in mind should anything happen...hoping it just might fall through.

In our conversation I asked them what areas they would consider and what was on their Wish List.

They were ready and quickly responded with a Top 15  wish list.


                                                    TOO LATE HomeRome Sign Rider

 In our conversation I asked them what areas they would consider and what was on their Wish List. They were so happy to share their wants and immediately sent the following email.

"Hi Margaret:

It was an absolute pleasure talking with you this afternoon too.  ......

Below is our "Top 15".  Thank you so much for your interest and concern!!

 1. Our absolute number one priority is we want QUIET!!  Avoid streets with thru traffic, avoid being too close to major highways, avoid being too close to areas of commerce, avoid being too close to schools, avoid being too close to apartment complexes, avoid being too close to townhome complexes.

2. Prefer property be somewhat, but not necessarily considerably, distanced from neighbors.  Avoid "shoulder to shoulder" house groupings.  Single family homes only, no townhouses.  Prefer lot size be at least .50 acres.

3. Prefer sizable kitchen with considerable storage cabinets AND counter space.

4. Prefer fully finished basement with open floor plan.

5. No swimming pools please, but hot tubs are okay and desirable.

6. Prefer no oil or propane utilities, but will consider on case by case.

7. 2+ car garages.

8. 4+ bedrooms (true 4 bedroom houses preferred, not 3 on upper level and 1 in basement)

9. 2+ full bathrooms

10. Considerable closet and storage space is an absolute must!!

11. Prefer wood burning fireplace.

12. Decent sized level grade back yard is preferred, fenced in or with option allowed to fence it in with simple chain-link fencing.  No HOA restrictions on simple chain link fencing if at all possible.  Some trees are certainly okay, and welcomed.

13. No fixer-upper properties please.  Prefer "move-in" condition.

14. Primary preferred geographic area is CARROLL COUNTY, but we are also interested in Howard County west of Ellicott City/Columbia, or Baltimore County areas that are adjacent to Carroll County.  Prefer 30 minutes or less commute to the Woodlawn area where we work."

I am looking forward to finding a home for these buyers. It is obvious they are serious and have given thought to their wants and needs. Along with this post, I am also running an ad looking for a good property to meet their needs.

 I Have The Buyer...Do you have the home?


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