Tuesday, May 30, 2006


How did the time go by so fast? But here we are, just a few hours away from the contest deadline.

That’s right, your chance to grab for your very own 15 minutes of fame ends at midnight, tomorrow, May 31. So act now, before the “Think outside the box…umm…church” contest ends.

Describe in 100 words or less your most creative idea for the use of an historic church building. Tell me what you would do and why it's such a great idea. You can read more about the property on my web site – click here to see more photos, or go to the original blog entry for more details on the building.

The most creative idea will be featured – along with your name and photo, if you like – in my blog and in one of my newspaper ads in early June. Plus, I'll announce the winner on the radio and let you know when to listen for that, too.

No more procrastinating. Add a comment to this blog, or send me an email. Now!


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my entry for what a future use of Providence Church.

Providence Church is a topflight recording studio close to Baltimore and Washington. The country setting allows artists, producers and engineers to relax and concentrate on projects.

The church has a natural, full, reverberating sound and will appeal to acoustic ensembles such as quartets, bluegrass bands and choirs. The room behind is ideal for conversion to a control room.

Louder ensembles, such as rock, techno and rap bands, use a separate facility in the soundproofed submerged apartment.

The library is for postproduction including CD duplication and label design.

The atrium is for conversation over ideas. Upstairs is for residence or storage.


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