Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Try Seeing With 12-Year Old Eyes

Jimmy, Jerry, Lee, SonnyWe list and sell house all the time. For buyers and sellers it is a whole new experience. Just like today when we took 12 year old Sonny and his dad Jimmy for a new experience...a ride in the airplane. We have flown to Cambridge many times for breakfast and had wonderful meals at Kay's Restaurant. We have even made a Pitts stop. So what was different this time?

Cambridge Bridges

That's Ice Not SandWell, there was ice on the Chesapeake, and it looks pretty cool, pun intended, from the air. What looks like sandy beach is actually ice. And the Cambridge Bridge looks so different from the air. Hey, look at the second bridge. What gives? It does not meet! Then I found out that the one with the gap in the middle is the old bridge and they left it just for fishing. A much better choice than dumping tons of steel and concrete into the Bay or a landfill somewhere.

Sonny Helping ParkSonny's excitement was refreshing and exuberating. I looked at this trip through his eyes and through his exclamations. "Awesome!" "Cool!" "This is so much fun!" He had his camera and was snapping away. Have you ever seen a happier face? Sonny was excited and asked to sit in the back seat on the way back so he could get better photos with the wing out of the way. Back at the airport he was a big help pushing the plane backwards to park.Flying Happy

It's easy to forget that what is familiar to us is all new to others. When you are working with clients, try looking at their experience from their perspective, through their eyes.

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