Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sun, Spring in Baltimore, and Connections

Sun front pageJed ceramic photoThis morning on the front page of the Baltimore Sun there was the headline, "Spring in Baltimore" along with a most gorgeous photo of early pink buds framing the Pagoda in Patterson Park. It was such an outstanding photo, I just had to look at the photographer's credit line, and sure enough, it was my friend Jed Kirschbaum. We first met when the Sun did an article on my ceramic art many, many years ago. Jed came to my studio that day, and I still have his artistic photos hanging in my office.

Our paths crossed again very early in my career with O'Conor, Piper and Flynn at the first annual Regional Realtor Convention and Exposition at the Timonium Fairgrounds where 1,500 agents attended the seminars and trade show. Jed happened to take this black and white photo of me with the balloons in the background, and it turned out to be the only photo of that convention the paper used. I have this old photo in my office, too.

Jed photo creditJed old photoSeeing his credit line this morning, it was just natural to pick up the phone, call Jed, and congratulate him on bringing such beauty to today's news.

Connections…they are the basis of our business and our lives. I find them through art, photography, friendship, real estate.

Where do you find the connections that enrich your life and your business?

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