Monday, April 06, 2009

Most Prices are Firm...A Three Day Open House

garage sale signThe day started off with torrential liquid sunshine! I just did not go to the Open House/Yard Sale in the morning, but got to the house around noon when the sun came out. From then on it was a beautiful afternoon.

Firm prices signWhat a sight! The place was busy and cars were parked on the front lawn leaving barely enough room for the "Open" signs. My wonderful seller told me that she arrived before 7:00 a.m. and there were customers waiting in the downpour to get inside. These were real professional shoppers, or else they truly believe .... the early bird gets the worm.

I was surprised at how much of the stuff was sold, and how much I was enjoying the process, watching the people arrive, then seeing what "treasures" they found.

Someone asked, "Oh, is this for sale? Is the washer for sale?" The seller brought one of her brothers over to discuss this possibility in a quick group meeting. First it was a "No," I want to leave it for the buyer of the house. But my suggestion, take another look, they are far from new or pristine, and anyone buying the house is going to want a newer, cleaner model. OK now let's decide what price to place on it. (You know that old saying, "everything is for sale for the right price!") We asked the customer what he was willing to pay for the machine, but nope, he did not want to play. He asked for a price; it was given. He lives down the street and he wanted to think about it. Bet he returns before the sale was over.

Household goods I loved watching people peruse all the books, many of them children's. They were wrapped in groups - a stack of five books in a series for two bucks, bought by a neighbor with four young boys. Now that's a buy. A young preteen found a pair of badminton rackets for another $2.

We closed up around 3 pm, with lots of stuff gone already. Good feelings all around, neighbors had stopped by and it seemed everyone left with something.

There were more special feelings among the brothers and good friends who were all gladly helping with the sale. At one point a brother found some of "Daddy's tools." No, he did not need them, but they were tools that someone special used a long time ago. He also took an old bike that he plans to restore; you can't put a price on those memories. And how fortunate I was to share a bit of the history and the family and the closeness.

Front of houseI went down again the next day and this time we had gorgeous weather all day. More people came by, things were sold. The washing machine was gone...bought by another customer.

So many people, still buying glasses, dishes, an old coffee pot. "Ooh, ooh, look it's an antique!...and it's $3. Not much reason to bargain. The items were priced to sell.

At least we are accomplishing our first goal – to get the stuff cleared out so we can sell this house. 2414 Lodge Farm Rd. 21219 Baltimore County, Maryland.

This house needs paint and carpet....right now make me an offer "as is"! Don't you love the green sign "Most Prices are Firm!"

Another special part of this experience... the owner had so much family pitching in.... they took shifts to make sure she was never alone. I am so fortunate to be working with such darn good people!

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