Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yes I Do Answer Blocked Caller ID!

Blocked Caller IDWe've talked about this before, but I recently got a strong reminder of why it is an important discussion. Yes I do answer my phone; I answer if I don't recognize the number, and I answer "blocked calls." If it turns out to be a telemarketer I can always add the number as a " spam" call and hit the "Ignore" button next time (a huge timesaver.) But it is worth it to catch interested clients, as happened this week.

I had an email this week from my IDX site asking questions about an active listing. I responded with the answers to the specific questions and suggested we talk, either they could call me or let me know their phone number and a good time.

Later, while in the car, I got a "blocked number" call. Answering as always with "Good afternoon, this is Margaret," I recognized the name the caller gave me, the same as the email inquiry. Why didn't she give me her phone number on her email? The call was coming from FRANCE!

We had a wonderful conversation, and I found out that she is looking for a second home here in the Baltimore area. I suggested she and her husband make wish lists. one as though they actually hit the lottery.... as if money was no object.... then another as a reality list. This helps them decide what is most important, and what they can and can't compromise on.

She emailed me later saying that, "… my husband and I did the exercise you suggested about making a dream list if we won the lottery. It was a great success, and I was so surprised and pleased that he was excited about doing it and participated fully. Now, we are working on the 'reality' list. I also consulted your website again regarding 'buyers for your home.' It's an impressive idea."

She went on to say that she had been emailing another agent and had expressed interest in two different houses, both of which had been on the market for a long time. In both cases she got no answers, and later found out- on her own - that both had sold!


This couple will be coming to the Baltimore area in early June ready to buy a home. They have asked me to reprsent them exclusivly.

My goal is to have properties pre-selected that meet their criteria so I don't waste their precious time. By looking at what she liked before, and combining that with their wish lists, I'll be ready. In the meantime, I'll post their wish list on the Buyers4YourHome page of my website.

Wish I May, Wish I Might.. I Have The Buyer!

So…I'd say that answering that blocked ID phone call was the right choice, wouldn't you?

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