Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice Cream Down on the Farm and Close to Baltimore

Ice Cream Down On the Farm and Oh So Close To Baltimore!

Broom's Bloom Dairy

After a full day of work or play...Here's a delightful way to get Ice Cream Down On the Farm and Oh So Close To Baltimore! You can be out into the country without traveling very far from Baltimore. Nearby Bel Air in Harford County, just north and east of Baltimore, is home to Broom's Bloom Farm.

You get out in the fresh country air and at the same time go back in time to when things were simple, hand made, and came with a good sense of humor. You knew it was good by the long line waiting to try one of the delicious flavors. Watching the people, of all ages, decide on what size was a real treat.

Dairy Road SignFarm Buildings Tall Corn

From the road there is no question this is a working farm. Pull in to a parking space and you'll be so close to the tall corn that you could actually pick an ear or two from your car.

The farm and house date all the way back to the early 1700's - David and Kate Dallam are the 9thgeneration of that family to live and work here. Since 1997 the Dallams have had 65 milking cows and they recently started making and selling old fashioned ice cream, cheese, and pork sausage. They feed their animals a natural diet and don't use any artificial growth hormones. Just another good reason to enjoy their fresh foods!

Cow and chickens statue

A Plump Wife Sign

The décor is definitely "Down on the Farm" style with cows and chickens and bits of humor all around. When it came to choosing an ice cream flavor from that long list, it was no problem – chocolate cake batter for me! Choosing a size was harder – those dips were really big.

Ice cream flavors sign board

Size samples

Agricultural Land Preservation SignIt's nice to know that this farm will not become a shopping mall some day. An Agricultural Land Preservation Easement assures that the Broom's Bloom Farm will be preserved forever. We'll certainly be back for more delicious ice cream!

When will you be having Ice Cream Down on the Farm and So Close to Baltimore ?

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