Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It Can't Be Done...or Can It?

It Can't Be Done...or Can It?

Flower growing in sidewalk

I was running late for class yesterday morning when I noticed this lone but beautiful flower growing against all odds. It was right in the middle of a heavily traveled sidewalk. I noticed it but could not spare the time – I did not want to be tardy.

Leaving the building after 4:00 p.m, to my delight this bit of color was still quite alive. I was glad, and decided to stop and photograph it.

Something this simple can make you stop and think – about challenges and obstacles, and how we deal with them. A seed sprouting, taking root, and producing a bright pink flower is not a surprise until you see it away from a garden. We might even be used to seeing weeds growing in a sidewalk crack, but a flower? And on a busy sidewalk? It overcame the odds of having enough soil and water, it overcame the odds of being crushed by one of the many feet that walk by every day. No one ever told that flower it couldn't live there…so it does.

I learned a long time ago that the saying is very true: The person who says, "It can't be done" needs to get out of the way of the person who is already doing it!

Gardens and lake

What impossible thing are you doing today?

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