Monday, September 21, 2009

The Baltimore Book Festival - a Signing!

Book Festival header

A year ago, I went to the very soggy Baltimore Book Festival and had a great time even though the liquid sunshine was intense. Back then, I was a soon-to-be published author. This year, I have a book and a book signing slot!

MBPA Booth Sign

This Friday through Sunday (September 25-27) at Mt. Vernon Place, the 14th annual Baltimore Book Festival will spread out from the 600 block of North Charles Street with books, authors, food, performances, and fun.

Again this year I'll be volunteering with my publisher, Peg Silloway of The Silloway Press, at the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association booth. And, on Friday afternoon at 2:00, I'll be meeting visitors and signing my book!

Last year as we sloshed around in the rain, Peg and I said, "Next year we'll be here with a Margaret Rome book." It was a big goal, and we've had adventures along the way, but we did it! Thanks to friends and supporters, the book is a success. This year, we'll be checking out booth locations for next year's festival. By then, Peg will have her Cat Lover's Book of Days along with the second in the Book of Days series available.

Margaret Signing

This year's list of authors at the festival is long and as varied as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, mystery writer Donna Andrews, and political commentator Gwen Ifill. There are readings, panel discussions, and great weather forecast. So if you are near Baltimore and want a fun afternoon, come to the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend. Please stop by and say "Hi!" on Friday between 2:00 and 3:00!

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