Monday, November 30, 2009

So Proud of My Friend, So Proud of My Publisher

So Proud of My Friend, So Proud of My Publisher!

Look back almost a year to December 2008 when I was celebrating the publication of my book Real Estate the Rome Way - my first book, Marti's first book cover, and the first book for my friend Peg Silloway of Silloway Press.

In just twelve months we are about to have a new celebration. In that short time, The Silloway Press has published eight books including Peg's own new book, The Cat Lover's Book of Days. I think that's amazing!

Cat Lover's Book of Days CoverEven if you are not a cat lover, you gotta look at this book. It's creative, it's fun, and it's more than just a great book.

Peg wanted her book to last, so she made it a gift-quality hardback.

Peg wanted it to be environmentally conscious, so she had it printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

Peg also wanted it to help cats and kittens, so she's contributing part of every sale to PetSmart Charities, a highly-rated 501(c)(3) charity that supports local animal shelters and rescue efforts throughout the country.

Perfect timing, don't you think? Perfect for the holidays,

The Cat Lover's Book of Days THE perfect gift for all your cat-loving friends.

Have you noticed that many ActiveRainers love their cats? Just do a search for cats and you will see what I mean.

You can order signed copies – including free gift wrapping! – Go to

Peg will begin sending out the books around December 10 when the first shipment is due. I remember how hard it was to wait. The Closer It Gets, the Harder It Is to Wait!

You can also pre order (without the signature or the free gift wrapping) through But better to order them right through Peg and let her know I said so.

So Proud of My Friend, So Proud of My Publisher!

Now I am wondering whose book Peg will be publishing next year! Could it be yours?

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