Friday, February 26, 2010

Condo Connections in Baltimore

The 6200 block of Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore is home to some of my favorite real estate. There's the Million Dollar Mansion at 6211 that is the jewel of my listings right now. And right across the street is Strathmore Towers at 6210. I just added #602 to my listings, but there have been several others over the years, including Briana's.

6211 Park Heights Ave HomeRome Realty

You'll recall a delightful young woman who came to Baltimore to attend college and who found her home in #701 at the Strathmore Towers. The transaction started when her mother contacted me from the British Virgin Islands. What began as a conversation with an out-of-town buyer turned into a special connection for all of us.

foyer table HomeRome Realty

new furniture HomeRome Realty

The condo was vacant and in beautiful condition when Briana purchased. With much style and elegance, she decorated her space - I am so proud of this young, talented full time student. Much of the furniture came from another unit in this same building. But it was Briana's accessories, placement and wood refinishing, that made it her home.

Refinished Dining table HomeRome Realty Kitchen HomeRome Realty One of two bathrooms Master bedroom

Seeing a young person create her own space and fill it with personality is one of the special perks of best parts of my job!

Gold dish in foyer Decorative accents

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