Tuesday, March 09, 2010

First Active Rain Open House Gathering – Day Two and Done!

First Active Rain Open House Gathering – Day Two and Done!

My second day of open houses and filming for REALTOR® Magazine's Masters Series started very early with a workout at the gym. Katie and Gabe filmed a bit of my session while John, my trainer, did not go easy on me just because I was in the spotlight. C Tann-Starr came along for the "fun" and Katie and Gabe were able to use the wonderful facilities of Life Bridge to get in much needed workouts. Katie, who is training for a 1/2 marathon, picked up a few pointers from John.

Then it was back home for a few phone calls, some emails, placing my print ads, shower, etc. After that, I head to the Spring Hill Open House for an 11:30 a.m. interview with Katie and filming by Gabe. We finished about 1:00 pm as the AR members started to arrive.

Cookie basket with Bergers Cookies on top

Martha Brown and Margaret Woda ("the other Margaret in Maryland") arrived, as did Ellie McIntyre, Kim Jones, Bridget McGee, Ann Hruby, Helen Dellheim, and my daughter Erica. I managed to snap just a few photos in between showing the house and being filmed and interviewed. Helen and Anne were also interviewed separately. My friend and favorite lender Bob Bennett joined us along with Andrew Lowery from Precise Home Management - everyone needs a butler! C Tann-Starr was there, of course, and I was so glad that Lenn Harley chose this for her first AR Gathering.

Stacey, C Tann, Rich, Helen, Erica

Bob and Andrew

Margaret, Lenn, and Helen

Being surrounded by a film crew, best friends, terrific agents all with cameras in hand, and my daughter...well it doesn't get any better. And did I mention the weather was a glorious 50-degree sunny day? Perfect for Gabe's filming my "For Sale" sign.

Gabe videos the HomeRome sign

My seller did a beautiful job of putting the house in show house condition! What a pleasure and a delight to show. When the open house ended, we went for pizza at Upper Crust to sit around and chat, take more photos, and enjoy more bonding for the AR members. We topped it off with a little personal shopping... Anne had brought her daughter's wonderful handcrafted jewelry for all to see.

It has been exciting and challenging. Two days of open houses, ActiveRain friends, a workout, meals and bonding…and then I found out that they will use only five to six minutes from the hours and hours of filming and interviewing!

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Thanks to all the Rainers who came to the Sunday night dinner and yesterday's open house. It was great to see everyone, and you made it all better for being part of the First Ever Active Rain Open House Gathering!

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