Thursday, April 22, 2010

Falling in Love is Wonderful! So says Seth Godin!

Falling in Love Is Wonderful!

A couple of days ago, Seth Godin wrote a blog about buying a house. He called it "How to Buy a House" and started it off with, "Actually, how to think about buying a house." He went on to talk about the "…enormous social pressure and the expectations that come with…." being in the market for a house, and gave some great advice to people thinking about buying.

Blueprints and house

I couldn't resist – I had to write him a fan letter. This may be my favorite post of Seth's so far. He reminds the reader that, "A house is not just an investment, it's a place to live." And, "You shouldn't fall in love with a bond or a stock or a piece of gold…" but "…you just might fall in love with a house."

Falling in love is wonderful!

Family at fence in front  of house

No question, buying a home is an emotional decision. Even if you find everything you think you want – the right neighborhood, the right school, the right number of bedrooms, the right look, the fireplace, the gardens, the garage, the man cave, even the lower level ping pong room – it still may not be right. It's like when you were dating. He looked right, was tall enough, good sense of humor, good education, your friends liked him…but something was missing. I think we call it chemistry. The same is true with the house - you gotta fall in love! Falling in Love is Wonderful!

Birdhouse homeIn his blog Seth cautions against buying too much house or falling under the spell of great marketing and being pressured into paying too much for a house. He reminds his readers to step back when looking at a house, to take out the investment aspect, and just look at it as a house you love, then decide.

Falling In Love Is Wonderful!

As seasoned agents, we can see when a house is right, when a house just fits. We can just look at the buyer’s face, listen to the chemistry, and we know. It may not be exactly what they described, but it is exactly what they want.

Falling in Love is Wonderful!


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