Monday, May 10, 2010

Impromptu Meeting Active Rainers in DC

Impromptu Meeting ActiveRainers in DC May 2010

After an early morning workout and a showing on Monday, I was on the road to DC for our impromptu Active Rainers Meeting in DC, and made pretty good time from Baltimore, MD - about an hour. When I arrived at the historic Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, the valet attendant offered to hold my car in front for the day. Great! And not bad advertising with my MRome license plates and HomeRome frame.

Wardman Park Lobby

I walked into the huge lobby and saw no one but heard my name being called. They were there - Pat Kennedy and Jeff Dowler, as planned. We were joined by Emily Link from California. and Jay and Monika McGillicuddy from New Hampshire. We sat for about an hour, which goes by really quickly when a group of REALTORS® get together.

Margaret, Jay, Pat, Monika, Jeff, Emily

Pat said, "Is anyone hungry?" What a question – of course! Pat was in the mood for a burger, so off we went for a short walk to Murphy's of DC, an Irish pub nearby.

On the way down the escalator we saw Jay and Monika McGillicuddy from New Hampshire, going up. We motioned for them to turn around and hijacked them into joining us for lunch. We talked and ate and talked. We all had cameras and shot photos of each other but were way to busy talking... I forgot to take pictures of the food. So this sign will have to do.

Murphy's sign HomeRome Realty

The lunch bunch at Murphy's HomeRome Realty

After lunch Jeff, one of the nicest people ever, and I sat in the lobby for another hour or so talking, sharing, relaxing and enjoying each other's company.Again the time flew.

Jeff Dowler

It was a mini vacation for me…good friends and good conversation. These are the people who live in my computer, and as Carolyn Tann-Star said, "I love the digital ground they walk on."

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