Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Way of Looking at Things

Las Vegas at night HomeRome Realty
While in Vegas for a few days, I was in the mood to capture some eye candy. You all know by now about my former career as a ceramic artist, and that I love to photograph fine handcrafts. Such Beauty..... Winter Craft Show in Baltimore  and They Gotta Live Somewhere and Baltimore Annual Craft Show – Ice Can't Stop Art.
Chihuly Blue Flowers HomeRome Realty Orchids HomeRome Realty
Is there any place with more ornamentation, and more styles, than Las Vegas? So where better to indulge my habit? This time it was flowers that caught my attention – both the kind that Mother Nature created, and the incredible forms by Dale Chihuly. If you ever have a chance to see this glass master's work in person, do it. From tiny, delicate bubbles to massive landscape pieces, the works that come out of Chihuly's studio are exquisite.
Chihuly Yellow Flowers HomeRome Realty Chihuly Green Flower HomeRome Realty Orchids and waterfall HomeRome Realty
What does this have to do with real estate? Only that when we stop to admire and appreciate the work of a fine artisan in any business, we reinvigorate our own creative abilities. We learn to see things from other perspectives, to bring new vision to situations. Sounds like a good idea no matter what your profession! There just might be.....
Another Way of Looking at Things!


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