Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Love A Smooth Settlement...Even if the Transaction Has some Bumps

I Love A Smooth Settlement...Even if the Transaction Has some Bumps.

There are times when there are challenges during the buying and selling transaction. When there is a buyer who needs to purchase, a seller who needs to sell and two professional REALTORS who work together to get the deal closed, the result is a smooth settlement. There are others that need to be working just as hard like the buyers, the sellers, the lender and the title company. This is what a smooth settlement looks like. By the way, Daddy was busy signing all those papers while we were posing! Did you notice that even dolly was dressed for the occasion...matching dresses.
Happy Buyers HomeRome Realty  Happy Buyer HomeRome Realty  Playroom In Settlement HomeRome Realty
The title company even had a playroom for the new little buyer!
                                                               Title Company HomeRome Realty
Thanks to Brian Resnick for arranging for a late evening  settlement so the seller could close on their new home the next morning. I Love A Smooth Settlement...Even if the transaction Has some Bumps.


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