Thursday, December 30, 2010

Keys To Another Successful Settlement!

At today's settlement, I found the "keys" to another successful settlement.

By now you know I have some creative sellers. Remember my seller with this   New Invention?

At today's  settlement I found the "keys" to another successful settlement. After the papers were signed, the checks cut and the funds wired, it was time for the exchange of the keys. The seller had a plastic bag filled with a bunch of keys... the main door key, garage key, mail key, the elevator key plus a few duplicates. We all have seen that familiar bag of keys and the "oh my how will I figure them out" look.

Key drawings..HomeRome 410-530-2400
Here is the solution! My brilliant seller, I might add that most of my sellers are brilliant, made a drawing!  A simple drawing, tracing each key and then describing which key opens the front door, the lobby, the garage, the storage room and the mail box.

Had I seen the brilliance of my seller's "artwork" earlier,  I could have laminated this chart for the buyer's safe keeping. The more I think about it...we should all do this with our various assortment of keys. How simple would that be for our relatives, guests, children, housekeepers, babysitters and college kids coming home for break?

As a listing agent, this would be a good idea  if there are multiple keys to a property (front door, rear door, garage, furnace room, guest apartment) This could simplify the showings for us and for other agents.

At today's  settlement I found the "keys" to another successful settlement.

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